Csellóra specializálódott hangszerkészítő


Magyarországon élő hangszerkészítő vagyok, bemutatkozás, satöbbi, satöbbi.

I learned to play all kind of string instruments, but I spent most of my time playing the cello. In 1994 I started my professional studies at the Instrument Maker Teaching Class at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music. I spent the first half of my apprentice years in Szeged, with Péter Daróczi. I learned the basic tricks of instrument making by close observation from the old master. I spent the other half of my apprenticeship in the workshop of Barnabás Rácz. There I had the opportunity to practice making new instruments and learn the techniques of instrument restoration. In 1996 I got my yourneman’s certificate. In 1998 I founded my own workshop where I mainly deal with making and restoring mastercellos. Although violins and double basses were also made here. To improve my professional knowledge I have visited a lot of European and American workshops where I could acquire the most ideal setting of the instruments and also some little tricks to find their perfect tone from experienced, world-famous masters. But I am not satisfied with all this knowledge so I continously do researches to find the perfect resonance. My instruments are present at all important home-exhibitions, but I had the opportunity to present them abroad, too. Famous Hungarian musicians play my cellos and you can find my instruments in Europe and America, as well. I try to do my best to form my instruments after the one-off theories and acoustic and technical requirements of the atrists.

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